Direct Marketers Face Longer Unemployment?

According to a recent article published in DMNews, Direct Marketing Professionals faced a longer than average time looking for full-time employment in the marketing field. Average time in between jobs was 28 weeks!

Recent trends in hiring are:

    • Slower to hire – employers want the perfect candidate not just the candidate that “will do” – it is a hiring market – they have a lot of qualified individuals in the pool.

      Higher skill set needed – marketers have to have all of the rabbits in the hat not just a few – marketers must learn new tricks everyday, be proactive in your training experiences.
      Employers are swamped with résumés – they get more résumés than can be effectively handled. Many of the responders are not qualified for the position. However, they must weed through the résumés to see if the right candidate is in the pile. It can be overwhelming! You need to figure out a way to stand out from the herd.
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