Lost your muse…go play with your kids!

The other day I was babysitting my best friends kids for an hour. Just watching them play was a pure source of amusement – they make their own rules as they play, the rules are in their favor (especially if I am playing a game with them) and they have a unique counting system that allows them to win.

We were playing cars on a race track but this was no ordinary race track – it was designed to propel cars out on the basement floor and crash and you got points by making your car go further and faster than the car before it. Seems simple, but I somehow ended up with only 49 points and the 6-year-old had over a million points! He told me I needed to learn how to play cars!

With kids the sky is the limit. They don’t have that “no button” that tells them they cannot do what they want to do. Of course the parents and caregivers are the “no button” but in terms of play – anything goes! There isn’t the nagging voice in the back of the head saying “you tried this before and it didn’t work” or “you can’t do that with your tiny budget.” Instead they are creative and think of all kinds of workarounds that amaze me.

So the next time your muse isn’t hitting or the creativity isn’t flowing…go play with your kids…they can help you think outside of the box and bring back your creativity.


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3 Responses to Lost your muse…go play with your kids!

  1. Kelly says:

    This is such a good reminder of not only how to encourage creativity but to keep your own. Maybe we should have a “yes” button.

  2. Great comment – thanks Kelly!

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