Political Backlash – Your Company Donations Might Do Harm

In today’s easily accessible information, companies may want to take a second look at their political giving – it may become front page news and create a PR nightmare.

Target defends political gift – Target recently donated $150,000 to a very conservative GOP  gubernatorial candidate – creating a backlash from many of it’s clientele and staff.

Owner’s and CEO’s of companies  are under scrutiny by anyone that can find out data with the click of a mouse.  Many companies align their political gifts to their company culture.  Not surprisingly many “green” companies donate to Democrats, it is part of their culture.

If you are curious about company donations there are a lot of  sites that show you the company/individual donation patterns.  Red vs. Blue and some I call the Purples because they divide their donations, some equally between others with a decided percentage higher towards the Reds or Blues.

One thing for sure – if you thought your donation was a secret – with the internet – there are no secrets!  Make sure your company supports your donation – both personal and corporate giving as the PR from the donation might not be what you intended.


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