I’m Back!!!

Job Hunting Resources

Image by Lucius Beebe Memorial Library via Flickr

So for the past few weeks I have been starting another blog.  As a job hunter I kept running across great job hunting articles or something that I would want to share and really didn’t have the right outlet to use.  So I created a blog AnnArborJobs.wordpress.com. I wanted to be able to list job sites to local and near local companies in the hope that I could help others that are also looking for jobs like I am.

It took a little more work than I had anticipated – but it was worth it.  Last week it was picked up by SPARK and their newsletter.   Each week it has grown in it’s readership and company listings.

So now I can start devoting more time back to the Geeky Marketer.


About thegeekymarketer

Part Geek - Part Marketer - Kim Kachadoorian is currently seeking to apply her talents to a new company! Check out www.geekymarketer.com for more information about me!
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