Utopian Ideals and a Child Like Approach

Anyone that has been in any type of meeting where “group think” takes over, all concepts of creativity are squished and shoved out the door.  Group think seems to be something that we acquire with age, we lose our creative voice.  Yet if you hang around children for any length of time, you realize that when they are very young their creative voice is alive with no limits.  After a few years of school, most of the children start the “group think” mentality that will stay with them for their lifetime.  Those that buck the trends we are taught in school (I include myself in this group) are considered outsiders.  They usually don’t make it into the popular groups.  While not being popular is tough when you are in school – it is a benefit as an adult – especially if you are the creative type – we are able to call upon our muse as an adult to rekindle that Utopian relationship with our brain.

A few months ago I wrote a short post about “lost your muse, go play with your kid” – kids never cease to amaze me with their creativity – boundless concepts come spewing out of their brains in nano seconds.

I love TEDx videos, it is wonderful to see others from around the world that think “outside the group think boxes” we have been told to live in.  Below are a couple of my favorite on this subject of children and creativity.

Great TEDX video from Adora Svitak – “What Adults Can Learn From Kids”  – click here for an inspirational video from an extraordinary young woman.  Can’t wait to see what she grows up to be!  I think she would make a great President of the United States (someday)!

Another incredible TEDx video – from Sir Ken Robinson – “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” –  This video touched me. I have listened to it several times.  His fundamental thoughts on  human capacity are so inspirational.

My wonderful spouse and I were both criticized in school for not drawing “houses” and “suns” and “cars” like all of the other children in kindergarten or for that matter the rest of our lives…  Neither of us wanted to be like all of the other children.  Yet if we were different – we were stigmatized – we were not the popular kids but we are both creative.

Kids will take a chance – they aren’t frightened of being wrong – they will still try something, sometimes more than once, even if it doesn’t work.  But as they grow up they are herded into the norms.  This isn’t all bad, but when it stifles creativity I shudder. 

Picasso said “all children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as you grow up.”  I believe you could substitute “creative” for “artist”, work hard to keep your creative.


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