Successful Job Seekers are Trick or Treaters

I couldn’t resist posting this one.  Mo thanks for posting this on, great stuff and so timely!


Successful Job Seekers are Really Halloween Trick or Treaters in Disguise   by Mo Nelson

Trick or treaters prepare in dance for their Halloween fun. Everything from what they wear, where they plan on going and knowing how to ask for what they want. Sounds like a great plan for job seekers too!

Successful Halloween Trick or Treaters would do well on a job interview. Let’s see how they do it.

1. The most effective trick or treaters plan their route well to maximize the time they spend actually getting what they want (for you, insert “career path” here).
2. Trick or treaters dress for success.
3. The most successful trick or treaters ask for their trick or treat (ask questions).
4. The most successful trick or treaters put in the time needed.
5. The most successful trick or treaters network to find out where the best treats are to be found.
6. It’s a night filled with repeatedly trying to get the best treats (keep looking for your dream job).
7. Clever treaters have been known to try to ask for their fair share, wait a while, and return for more (keep communicating).
8. If you want to get more treats (job offers), you have to go on more interviews.
9. Smart treaters always say Thank You.
10. At the end of the day, if you didn’t get all of the treats you wanted, you need to work harder next time.

So, get out there and create your career path. Don’t forget to dress for success, which depending on the type of job may mean business attire (no tattoos or piercings showing) and all of your materials with you (resume, letters, certificates, business cards, etc). Don’t forget to follow-up with a personalized handwritten thank you note card for each person you interviewed with. I know you will be more successful getting your dream job if you think Trick or Treat!

About the Author

Mo Nelson is leading the team at Tat2X, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the working professional with tattoos – providing the very best in tattoo cover up and tattoo aftercare products.


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Part Geek - Part Marketer - Kim Kachadoorian is currently seeking to apply her talents to a new company! Check out for more information about me!
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2 Responses to Successful Job Seekers are Trick or Treaters

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    • I took the survey just to verify that this is a valid study. It takes about 5 minutes or less – help a grad student – I remember when I was working on my thesis and needed some help getting survey data.

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