OK Go Makes Toast Into Art

One aspect of marketing I enjoy is viral marketing.  OK Go is a You Tube video sensation that has in the past created some incredible videos.  Their newest video involves toast – yep that wonderful glutenous delight enjoyed by millions.  To tell you the truth until the end of the video I had planned to post this under my art blog and not in the marketing blog – but as you will see at the end they are indeed promoting a product.

So without further ado – OK Go’s latest hit.


About thegeekymarketer

Part Geek - Part Marketer - Kim Kachadoorian is currently seeking to apply her talents to a new company! Check out www.geekymarketer.com for more information about me!
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2 Responses to OK Go Makes Toast Into Art

  1. mkeeffer says:

    Clever…..as is your ‘fishing lure’ themed site. Nice.

    • Thanks…I love fishing and have always seen the correlations between fishing and marketing. Even when I am fishing – always thinking about marketing my lure to the fish!! After all if they don’t like the lure – they don’t bite – just like customers.

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