7 Photoshop Brush Resources

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Image via Wikipedia - physical brushes - use similar, but better, virtual brushes in Photoshop

Great Photoshop Brush Resources – Alphabetically

7 resources you might not be familiar with

Arty – interesting bugs, birds and stains – small sets – ok for personal – get permission for commercial.

Brush Lovers – a great collection of exclusive free and premium brushes.  Hi-res brushes that can be used commercially – license fee is nominal.

Chris Magiera – not sure about the licensing but some nice simple brushes – love the flowers.

Deviant Art – always a great place to lose about an hour a day in – lots of artists sharing Photoshop brushes – watch usage terms – if unsure contact artist and get permission.  Lots of other goodies too – for Illustrator etc.

Obsidian Dawn – unique fun designs plus a ton of other stuff on the site – see terms of use for commercial.

PhotoshopBrushes.com – No new stuff recently but a lot of the stuff on this site I haven’t found in other places, so it deserves a mention.  All the Photoshop Goodies featured on this site are free for download for commercial and non commercial use – however please credit site.


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