OK Go Makes Toast Into Art

One aspect of marketing I enjoy is viral marketing.  OK Go is a You Tube video sensation that has in the past created some incredible videos.  Their newest video involves toast – yep that wonderful glutenous delight enjoyed by millions.  To tell you the truth until the end of the video I had planned to post this under my art blog and not in the marketing blog – but as you will see at the end they are indeed promoting a product.

So without further ado – OK Go’s latest hit.

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Search Ad Marketing – Adwords Workshop

Event Title: Search Ad Marketing   AdWords Workshop
Who: SAM – Search Ad Marketing
When: Saturday November 20, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST
Location: Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Register: click here
Learn the tools and techniques used to grow your business, improve your bottom line and beat the pants off your competitors! Google AdWords is the most effective tool to get your business found on the Internet.  Google says it takes 5 minutes to create a campaign.  While this it true, it takes days, or even weeks to navigate your way through the system to gain a full understanding of the program and its intricacies.  Setting up a campaign in 5 minutes will end up costing you a lot more than time in the long run!Come to this full day AdWords workshop and learn how to effectively and efficiently create a campaign to generate quality website traffic and more sales. 

Who this event is for:Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals responsible for managing Google AdWords campaigns who are concerned with the high click costs of their current campaigns, frustrated by low click through rates or too overwhelmed to even begin a campaign.

What can you expect to learn?

  • How to plan and set expectations for your AdWords campaigns
  • How to structure your campaign for easy management and better results
  • How to research and discover effective keywords
  • How to write ads that get clicks
  • How to spy on your competition
  • How to write engaging copy for your landing pages
  • How to utilize auto responders to build relationships with prospects
  • How to use reports to uncover areas for optimization
  • How to measure success
  • You will accomplish: Completing a campaign that is primed for launch.No more procrastinating or loosing sleep over bad results.  Get going, get it straightened out and start earning profits with Google AdWords!

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    Successful Job Seekers are Trick or Treaters

    I couldn’t resist posting this one.  Mo thanks for posting this on GoArticles.com, great stuff and so timely!


    Successful Job Seekers are Really Halloween Trick or Treaters in Disguise   by Mo Nelson

    Trick or treaters prepare in dance for their Halloween fun. Everything from what they wear, where they plan on going and knowing how to ask for what they want. Sounds like a great plan for job seekers too!

    Successful Halloween Trick or Treaters would do well on a job interview. Let’s see how they do it.

    1. The most effective trick or treaters plan their route well to maximize the time they spend actually getting what they want (for you, insert “career path” here).
    2. Trick or treaters dress for success.
    3. The most successful trick or treaters ask for their trick or treat (ask questions).
    4. The most successful trick or treaters put in the time needed.
    5. The most successful trick or treaters network to find out where the best treats are to be found.
    6. It’s a night filled with repeatedly trying to get the best treats (keep looking for your dream job).
    7. Clever treaters have been known to try to ask for their fair share, wait a while, and return for more (keep communicating).
    8. If you want to get more treats (job offers), you have to go on more interviews.
    9. Smart treaters always say Thank You.
    10. At the end of the day, if you didn’t get all of the treats you wanted, you need to work harder next time.

    So, get out there and create your career path. Don’t forget to dress for success, which depending on the type of job may mean business attire (no tattoos or piercings showing) and all of your materials with you (resume, letters, certificates, business cards, etc). Don’t forget to follow-up with a personalized handwritten thank you note card for each person you interviewed with. I know you will be more successful getting your dream job if you think Trick or Treat!

    About the Author

    Mo Nelson is leading the team at Tat2X, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the working professional with tattoos – providing the very best in tattoo cover up and tattoo aftercare products. www.tat2x.com

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    Digital Journalism – Ann Arbor Ad Club

    Ann Arbor Ad Club is proud to present this member’s only event October 28 at starting at 5:30 PM being hosted at Google Ann Arbor.  Must sign up before Noon on Tuesday. Must bring NDA with you to the event.  To register for the event – click here – if you are not a member yet this would be the time to join – click here.

    William E. Schmidt, Deputy Managing Editor of The New York Times, will talk broadly about the challenges that the new digital age poses to journalism, and what those challenges mean for The New York Times. As an institution founded on the notion of enhancing society — it is part of The Times mission statement — the news organization is navigating a treacherous passage, trying to sustain their commitment to quality journalism in a period when readers and advertisers are less willing to pay for the news they consume on the web and wireless platforms.

    There are more questions than answers, and faith in media — like government — is at low ebb. Yet it is also a time when consumers have access to more information and more content than ever before, even if much of it is untrustworthy. How does The Times move forward, as a business? What is it doing to innovate and adapt to the changing digital landscape, in order to survive? And what must endure, if The Times is gong to be true to its vision of itself as a reliable, responsible witness to an increasingly complicated and increasingly polarized world. William Schmidt will cover these topics and more during his presentation, “Journalism in the Digital Age: What It Means for The New York Times”.


    WILLIAM E. SCHMIDT – Deputy Managing Editor William E. Schmidt is deputy managing editor at The New York Times, a position to which he was named in December 2008. In this role, Mr. Schmidt oversees administrative and policy matters in The Times newsroom, including standards and ethics. His brief also includes responsibility for newsroom personnel, budgeting and labor issues.

    Mr. Schmidt has been a member of senior management in the newsroom since March 1997, when he was named an associate managing editor in charge of news administration. From July 2005 until December 2008, he held the title of assistant managing editor.

    Mr. Schmidt joined The Times in February 1981, and spent most of his career as a Times correspondent in bureaus outside New York, including Denver, Atlanta and Chicago. From 1991 to 1995, he was the newspaper’s London correspondent, writing from the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans as well as the United Kingdom.

    In 1995, he was assigned to New York as deputy national editor, where he helped direct The Times coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1996 Presidential campaign.

    Before joining The Times, Mr. Schmidt worked for Newsweek for eight years as a foreign and national correspondent. He was the magazine’s bureau chief in Moscow, Cairo and Miami. He also served as a correspondent in Newsweek’s Chicago bureau. From 1969 to 1973, Mr. Schmidt was a reporter with The Detroit Free Press.

    In 1987, Mr. Schmidt was among a team at The Times who shared the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting for articles about the causes of the Challenger disaster. He also shares a George Polk Award for national reporting for coverage of the shootings at Kent State University, and an Overseas Press Club award for his reporting for Newsweek on the war in Lebanon.

    He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

    Born in Detroit, Mr. Schmidt received a B.A degree in journalism from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He is the father of three children.

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    Always Fun to Get a Little Press!

    Ann Arbor, Michigan. E. Liberty St.

    Image via Wikipedia

    A couple of weeks ago my new blog In and Around Ann Arbor jobs blog was sent out in an email from SPARK to a huge Friday mailing list.  One of those recipients  happens to work at MLive.com.  She emailed me and asked me if she could interview me.  Well the interview was this morning and she has posted the interview on her blog.  I was very happy with her written version of our conversation – sometimes you get misquoted or it doesn’t sound quite like what you intended, but this interview was awesome.

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    LA2M – Mike Tirico Presents Presents World Cup Coverage

    LA2M has a great line up of speakers this year and I thought I would share one of those events.

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be an ESPN Sportscaster and travel the world?  Well if you attend this event you will get to hear Mike Tirico speak about marketing and the recent  World Cup games in Africa.

    Why is the World Cup so popular, why does it out rank all other sporting events, why do marketers dream of being “seen” at the World Cup?  These and many more questions will be answered.

    This LA2m event is one of the few “pay for” events.  The cost is $20 and includes Mike’s presentation, your lunch, non-alcholic beverage and tip.  Proceeds from this event go to Peace Neighborhood – a local non-profit that is part of the cornerstone of the West side of Ann Arbor.  Providing a multitude of resources – this center is a place for food, comfort, after school activities and neighborhood building.

    Be sure to purchase tickets at Eventbrite in advance as this event will sell out:


    Ingenex Digital Marketing is sponsoring the event and will hand out Vuvuzuelas (you know those noisy things from the World Cup that became background noise)  to the first 125 people who attend the event.

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    Goo.gl URL Shortener

    10/19/10 – update – bit.ly now has QR codes – you have to dig into your stats to grab the QR code but they have it.  So for now I am back to my bit.ly account – Google listen up – I like to brand my links so hop on the band wagon and give me what I have with bit.ly and I will be a mighty grateful customer.

    I traditionally use bit.ly for most of my URL shortening – but was recently informed that Goo.gl URL shortening was now available to the public…so I thought I would give it a try.


    Can get a QR code to go with the link – here is the QR for the story I originally saw the post on.

    QR linked to original post

    Now that is something I cannot get from bit.ly – at least not yet.

    I like that it is linked to my google account – one less thing for me to log in to.

    I really like the way it displays my clicks and all of the analytics that are associated with my goo.gl link.  Clean and simple!


    The biggest one I can see is that I cannot “brand” or personalize my links like I can on bit.ly.  That is a huge issue for me – of course that could also change.  The ability with bit.ly to customize my URL is part of an SEO strategy, if goo.gl adopted this I would be an avid user of their service.

    So I will continue at this time to use both!  When I want a QR code I will use goo.gl when I want to personalize I will use bit.ly

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