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5-Tools to monitor your brand/company online

In business it is vital to know how your company is being perceived out in the “wild, wild west” of the internet. You can do some simple monitoring for free or at a low cost, or you can buy expensive software (recommended for larger companies) or you can hire a monitoring company to do the work for you. This will vary with your needs and company size. Continue reading

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Marketers must be mindful of the dangers of ‘greenwashing’

You don’t have to look far to see examples of green marketing — they’re all around you. Plastic bags that decompose, Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, and bio-based cleaners all have something in common — they are green and can prove their products are less harmful than their non-green counterparts. Continue reading

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Google & Yahoo Alerts – A Marketing Tool Part I

Are you using Google and Yahoo Alerts for your business? If not you should be – see part one of this series to better understand these marketing tools. Continue reading

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